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Saver Bundles

Saver Bundles

Agility is an amazing and rewarding activity. Not only does it keep both handler and pup in great shape but it also creates a bond that will last a life time! We know that taking those first steps also means some confusion as to what to buy for home training. To help, we have created these three bundles below!

By purchasing one of our saver bundles you’re saving 10% when compared to purchasing the items individually.

Want to create your own saver bundle? Give us a call on 01606621081 or drop us an email at info@sgnagility.co.uk and let us see what we can do for you! 

Saver Bundle

This bundle is the ideal for beginners. It contains a 4ft rocker board and 2 sets of garden wings.

Saver Bundle Plus

This bundle contains a little extra. In this bundle you will get a 4ft rocker board, a 6ft seesaw and 2 sets of garden wings.

Saver Bundle Advanced

This bundle is the ultimate beginners setup. This bundle contains a Rocker Board, 6ft seesaw, 2 sets of garden wings and a 4ft by 2ft a-frame.